Monday, October 11, 2010

oh boy...climbing out of a big hole

If anyone is still out there possibly reading my blog I am so sorry I haven't written in forever. My life has changed alot in the past few months. I got a new job and moved, so I am trying to adjust to both of those. Because of this my exercise has been really haven't worked out in a long time. EEEKK! Now I feel horrible about my body...not in a "I'm so fat, I look horrible, gross me" type of way.....but in a "I don't feel strong at all, I feel gross" type of way. I am going to go sign up for a gym membership tomorrow (barring any strange happenings like the ones in past week, more about this another time.) and I am hoping that will help me get motivated and get going on the healthy eating, working out system. The gym I am joining has spin classes almost every night, so I am hoping to continue training throughout the winter. I missed the tri I was supposed to do in September because I hadn't been training and I happened to get a bad cold that weekend, so I just skipped it. I was disappointed in myself but I had so much going on at the time so I let myself off the hook..I need major motivation, and I have been reading training payne's blog (as I do every day) and trying to get motivated by watching him on his journey to Kona. I am so proud to say he is inspiring to if I can only get back on the "tri wagon." Anyway, that's all for now....hopefully tomorrow I will be on here blogging about my first (probably painful!) day back at the gym. Goodnight!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In need of a Boost!!

The good news is I got the job! The bad news is my training has severely been lacking. Ever since my tri I have been slacking on my training. My sister had a baby, then I got the job, and I have just been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to finish my summer course and get my classroom ready and help my sister and travel back and forth to and from Boston and see Bryan and I would like to see my friends but that hasn't happened yet. I guess what I am saying is that I haven't had the time (or motivation!) to get back on the bike/feet/in the water....and I know that is a super shitty excuse...I mean if Training Payne can have 2 kids, a wife, a blog that is read by thousands of people, and still find time to party all the time, stay up all night, smoke, drink, train and rag on cowardly commentator, then who the hell am I to be complaining? So here is where all of you help me...I need equal parts sympathy (yes, we understand you are busy, take care of yourself and don't beat yourself up) and ass-kicking (get off your ass and get going!! You have a tri in a month and a half!) me please!!! Thanks :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shippin' up to Boston...for an interview!!!

Sorry for all the short posts those of you who are still actually reading my blog. I have been so super busy, as I keep saying! So this morning I woke up and was feelling all motivated (mostly motivated by nerves!) because I had a phone interview for a job at the Boston Children's Museum. I was trying to stay busy until 11:30 when my interview was because I was nervous...and man, I think I should be nervous more often, because I got so much done! First I added color, font, animation and timings to the power point my group made. It looked pretty cool when I was done, and hopefully the group will be happy because I was able to consolidate it down from 11 slides to 6. The max for the project is supposed to be 5, hopefully the teacher will let 1 slide..well, slide. Haha...That's a bit of computer humor for my computer geek boyfriend who I love so much...hehe love you Bryan! Haha...anyway, I also applied for maybe 6 jobs and then took a break and read some of the book I am reading: Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult...she is an awesome author! Anyway, I was feeling depressed because I counted 48 jobs that I had applied for on SchoolSpring since about May, and probably 20 more that I had applied to through other sites. Thats 68 jobs, and I had one phone interview, which, by the way I don't think will be the job for me because the pay is worse than what I get now and there are no benefits...and for those of you who know how much I make now, you know I could NOT possibly survive on my own on any less. Lol. Anyway, I typed this message into facebook saying how I was feeling down about not getting any interviews from the 68 jobs I applied for. I pushed "post" and as soon as it posted my phone rang. It was the principal of a school in Boston asking me to come in for an interview! She has a 1st grade position available and my friend who used to work there had recommended me to her. I have an interview on Monday at 11, which explains the title of my post, I am going to Boston...probably I will leave early tomorrow morning and go to Bryan's parents house, because that's where he will be. Then on Sunday I will go back to my apt. and get ready for the interview. Eeek! Wish me luck! I'm going to have lunch now and then go out for a long bike ride to clear my mind and practice interview questions in my head while I ride..yes, I'm a dork, I know. Haha. I am hoping to ride to my sisters house and back, which is about 20 miles...20 very very hilly miles...let's hope I make it through the heat and humidity! Anyway, off to have some spicy pad thai for lunch...yum yum!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ketchup and gummy bears

The past week has been a blur of childcare-induced exhaustion. My sister had a baby last Thursday, as I mentioned in my last post, and since then I have been driving her places and taking care of my other niece, who is 4 and full of energy! I have enjoyed spending so much time with them because I don't get to see them much when I am in Boston, but I am freaking exhausted!!!! I also have had pretty much no time to train...which isn't good since I have a tri coming up at the end of September, I should be training now. I did manage to run yesterday, but only went about a mile...I was hoping for a bike ride tonight but by the time I got home from my sister's house I was too exhausted to do anything. I am hoping to have the day to myself tomorrow so I can train and get some other things done. This pseudo mommy thing is exhausting! Oh...and my purse smells like ketchup and gummy bears. Eh...I guess there are much worse things, right?

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, the past few days have been so busy that I haven't even had time to train! My sister had a baby on Thursday, and since then I have been shuffling back and forth between her house, the hospital and my parents house...taking care of my other niece, cleaning and visiting with my sister, brother in law and the new baby. I am EXHAUSTED! They are home now, and  today I spent part of the day taking my niece swimming so my sister could nap, and now I am home. Tomorrow I have to be up early to take my sister to doctor's appointments and take the baby to a doctor's appointment. I haven't had time to train except to take my new bike out on a 5 mile ride...I am getting up early tomorrow to go to the gym before I have to be at my sister's house at 10. More later when I have more Time!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Two exciting happenings!

I see no one has commented on my last post...come on people...give me your advice!! Haha!

Anyway, two exciting things have happened in the past 2 days....the first, and MOST exciting thing is that my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday! Her name is Shaelyn Michelle Cargill and she is 6lbs. 11oz. and 19 1/4 inches long. She is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't be happier, I have the two most adorable nieces in the world  and I am such a proud auntie, and a proud sister. My sister is such a great mom and I love seeing her so happy with her two little girls. Congratulations Amy, Pete and Maren!

The other exciting thing is that I finally bought a bike! My brother in law Pete has a friend who owns a bike shop...Garden State Bicycle, for those of you who live in NJ, you should check it out! So anyway, Pete's friend Tim called me the other day and said he just got a used Cannondale CAAD 4 from 2001 in the shop in amazing condition. It has Shimano Ultegra components, some really nice wheels that I can't remember the name of, and it is all in great condition. I bought it from him and he helped me pick out shoes and clipless pedals. Now I am all set! Once I learn how to post pics I will be putting up a pic of my new bike and some pics from my first tri...I have just been too busy lately.

More tomorrow or the next day...too tired now to write more!

Monday, July 26, 2010

FUNtastic Nantasket!!

I signed up for my second triathlon today! It is on September 26, and it is a sprint distance in Nantasket, which is a beach somewhat near my house. I am nervous to do ocean swimming, but sooo excited to be able to get in another triathlon this season! I am working on getting a bike and am keeping up my training. Here is my question for those of you who are triathletes and read this...give me some suggestions for speeding my time up and for upping my training for this next race. I know I can finish, now I want to go a little faster. What should I do? Please comment and let me know what you think!

Oh, a big Shout out to Training Payne, who raced IMLP yesterday and finished in 10:20:20!  Awesome job, can't wait to read your race report!!